What is tahini made from?
Tahini is made 100 % from sesame seeds. It is prepared by grinding hulled sesame seeds into a fine paste. Sesame seeds are very rich in oils (poly-unsaturated type) giving tahini its viscous oily texture.

What is halva made from?
Halva ingredients are: tahini, sugar, root extract, citric acid, natural flavoring.
First, a sugar solution along with root extract and citric acid are mixed and cooked at high temperature for around 2 hours. The result is a crystallized solution to which tahini and natural flavors are added to produce halva.

What is the shelf life of tahini and halva?
Tahini and halva can be consumed and retain their quality up to 2 years from the production date

How tahini and halva should be kept in storage?
They should be kept in a cool (ambient temperature) and dry place. This is because exposing tahini or halva to heat for a prolonged period of time can cause oil to separate from the product and buildup an oil layer at the top of the container. In tahini and halva, this oil separation process is natural during long storage. In the case of tahini, the container should be well shaken or stirred with a spoon to make the solution/paste homogeneous. In the case of halva, the oil can't be brought into (dissolved in) the product mix again, the product can still be consumed (before the expiry date) but the oil which is the sesame oil should be disposed of. To avoid this, some people prefer to store the halva in refrigerator and even enjoy eating it cold making the taste to be crispier.

What preservatives are added to tahini and halva?
Tahini and halva are free from any preservative or additive. They are 100% natural product and their stability is due to the presence of powerful antioxidants naturally found in sesame seeds.

What can I prepare with tahini?
Many Middle Eastern dishes can be prepared with tahini. The most famous dishes are Hummus (chickpea dip) and Baba ghanoush (roasted eggplant dip) which are the main two appetizers of an oriental mezze. Tahini sauce (addition of lemon juice) is usually consumed with fish.

With what halva can be eaten?
Halva is delicious when consumed in a warm French baguette. Slices of banana, strawberry, chocolate chips and nuts can be added as topping.





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