ALKANATER, established since 1977, is a company specialized in the production of traditional food products such as Tahini (ground sesame seeds), Halva and Turkish delight.

Our vision is to achieve market leadership in each of the markets we serve. We will earn this leadership by providing our distributors and end-user customers with high quality and cost effective products. Our products are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions using the latest technologies that satisfy the company's aim of producing and retaining their superior quality.

We do and will continue doing our best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with whom we aim to achieve long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Over the years, our products have gained worldwide recognition due to their high quality and excellent taste. In fact, for the past two decades, we have been the leaders in the Lebanese market and N 1 exporters by maintaining the quality for which we are very well known for and by continually improving and introducing new technologies into our production line. Some of countries our products are exported to are:

U.S.A, Canada, France, England, Germany, Spain, Australia, U.A.E, Qatar & Bahrain

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