"Our tahini is grounded from the finest selection of white sesame seeds which gives it its delicious flavor, smooth taste and original whitish color."

Made 100% from ground sesame seeds.

Our tahini is distinguished by a delicious aroma and a fine texture guaranteed by carefully selecting the sesame seeds for processing. In fact, selection of the seeds is a key factor in producing a high or low quality product. Color, taste, and oil content are the main factors determining the quality and thus price of sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds undergo many steps starting from pre-cleaning of natural seeds (sieving, de-stoner, gravity separator), to hulling, washing with salt, rinsing with water, drying, sieving stage 2, roasting, sorting hull, sieving stage 3 and finally color sorting before grinding them into a paste commonly known as tahini.

The whole process is automated and foodhandlers are not in direct contact with the product.